We are happy to announce that the long-awaited Sponsor Presentation Module is now ready for use. Once activated for a project, presentations of sponsors and respective sponsorships can easily be created and shared.

Sponsor visibility benefits both sponsors and receiving organisations

Many projects are partially or completely financed by sponsoring. For a sponsor, it is important to show and communicate contributions to a project or cause. Communicating impact is an important part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Projects on explorer.land will become even more attractive for sponsorships as they will already have a mechanism in place to show their impact and clearly communicate a sponsor’s contribution to it.

Get a quick overview of the module’s features.

The module’s features

The module extends the project presentation with three new views for sponsors and contributions. These new visual extensions are:

The Sponsor List

Similar to the Partners list, it is now possible to add an exclusive sponsor list for each project presentation.

The new exclusive list allows the listing of all project sponsors.

Each entry is composed by the sponsor’s logo and name, a description and a link to an external page, e.g. the sponsor’s official webpage.

The order of the entries is defined by the user. Sponsors with a higher importance can be placed on top of the list.

Entries of sponsors with contributions can include an additional link “show contributions” which leads to the sponsor’s exclusive landing page.

The Sponsor Landing Page

An exclusive landing page can easily be created for sponsors that have contributed to a project. This view shows all sponsor contributions in chronological order.

Sites linked to contributions will appear as a list within each contribution’s entry. Available “zoom to” and “pan to” actions allow visitors of the project to explore these on the map.

Providing a communication tool for sponsors

The Sponsor Landing Page will allow sponsors to effectively communicate their positive impact. By using their unique URL, sponsors can directly share the page with partners, stakeholders and the general public.

The Sponsorship list on Site pages

Whenever a certain site benefits from sponsorships, e.g. sponsored reforestation activities in a particular village, the site’s page will show these sponsorships in an exclusive section.

The pages of sites which were benefited by sponsoring have a new “Sponsorship” section where all contributions and respective sponsor names are listed.

In this view, the entries describe in which way the sponsorships benefited a specific site.

For explorer.land users

The module is immediately available to all explorer.land users. In order to activate the module for one or more projects, please get in touch with us via our contact e-mail explorer@openforests.com.

Learning how to use the module’s functionalities.

We have prepared a tutorial which guides users in setting up the presentation of sponsors and sponsorships. You will find the documentation on our helpdesk as well as a video on YouTube (start with the first episode here).