A few months ago, we introduced the Batch Operations for Sites. With this new feature, users are now able to edit certain fields of several Sites at once, reducing the effective time needed to set up a map for large projects.

The latest version of this feature includes a new batch operation: Batch editing Site descriptions.

Several Sites, one description
Some projects have a very large number of sites which are subject to the same type of intervention. A typical example of such sites are farmer’s land plots, where the same kind of activity takes place. When representing these Sites on the Project map on explorer.land, it is reasonable to describe them all with the same text, at least to start with. Until now, it was necessary to edit the description of each Site individually, but with the new function of the Batch Operations feature, it is now possible to edit the description of several Sites at once.

After entering the Batch Mode and selecting a certain number of Sites, a new “Edit Site description” icon allows to edit the description field of all selected Sites.

Even if several Sites share the same description, it is always possible to adapt or completely substitute the description text for individual Sites, using the standard Site editing. This way, it is possible to quickly set up your Project presentation with generic texts for groups of Sites and then gradually edit them to better adapt the content to the real project story.

For explorer.land users

Learn more about how to use this feature on our help desk.