We recently announced the new Sponsor Presentation Module for explorer.land and it was received very positively by platform users and sponsor organizations.

We have now added a few more functionalities to improve user experience. In this post, we will present these minor but important new functions.

Full Sponsor Description

Initially, it was only possible to add a summary about the role and importance of a sponsor in a project. This summary appeared in the Sponsor list and in the ABOUT section of the Sponsor page. However, it was not possible to add a more detailed text about the sponsor. In order to address this issue, we added a new “description” field for the sponsor which also allows formatting. Users can now write more extensively about a sponsor’s involvement in a project. The “description” text will appear in the ABOUT section of the Sponsor page.

The new ABOUT section of the Sponsor page now allows formatting.

Should the user decide to not make use of the “description” field, then the ABOUT section will be populated with the “summary” text (which is mandatory, when creating a sponsor listing).

New Quantitative Data Fields

When creating Sponsorships (Contributions), it is possible to add quantitative data, such as number of planted trees, size of impacted area or amount of donated money.

In this new module version, we have added 2 new fields, namely:

Two new quantitative fields were added to Sponsorships. It is now possible to add number of beneficiaries and tonnes of CO₂ equivalent.

These new fields allow for a more complete description of the sponsor’s impact.

New Map Animation: Zoom to Beneficiary Sites

When opening a Sponsor page, the platform will now zoom into the area where all the beneficiary sites are located. As each contribution has a list of beneficiary sites, the visitor will be able to explore the sites on the map by using the available interaction actions (center on & zoom in).

When opening a Sponsor page, the map (left) shows the area which includes all beneficiary sites by that sponsor. The list of beneficiary sites in the content pane allows visitors to navigate the different sites by using the “center of” or “zoom to” action buttons.