Integrate your presentation into your website and place links to your donation campaign.

While we are working on a full embedding feature, there is a simple trick you can use to integrate the presentation of your project into your website. Full embedding via iframe is currently our top prioritized feature under implementation and will be released in the near future. We will keep striving to deliver the highest value to our users, in the shortest time possible. However, it is sometimes not possible to release all the features that we’ve been working on simultaneously. But we can get creative and think of workarounds!

1. Integration of

It is as simple as integrating a clickable screenshot of your interactive map into your selected webpage. We have created various templates with icons that will help users understand that this is a clickable image.

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Download website integration templates

Click image to open and explorer the project presentation on

Adding a button always works. The button can be placed below the clickable picture.

2. Links to your donation campaign or page

Every content that you create on, e.g. news-posts or project sites, can feature a link to your organizations’ donation page or any specific campaign. Such links can be created with a simple HTML Mark-Down. Sharing your content in your newsletter or social media can now create leads for your donation page or campaign.

This is an example of how a link can look like:

Example of how a donation link can be integrated into your content.

This is an example HTML code you can copy. Place it in the text fields of your news-posts or project sites, and amend it with your description and link.

__*Your text to promote your work and to motivate to suppport your project. Click the link below:*__

 # [Call to action](


We hope you found these hacks valuable for communicating with your stakeholders!