Learn how you can use drones to map and monitor your forest landscape restoration project.


Find the webinar recording at the following link:

Drone Webinar Recording

Why register for this workshop?

Join us for a one-hour webinar where you’ll learn how you can use a drone to support your restoration project!

OpenForests is collaborating with One Tree Planted to offer this special training session. OpenForests has more than a decade of experience supporting restoration projects with drone monitoring.

OpenForests is interested in sharing the different drone applications for project monitoring and visual appealing documentation of the project impact.

One Tree Planted is interested in sharing the different tools and technologies amongst our many planting partners to help develop your expertise and provide a platform to learn together.

Who is this workshop for?

For those who are interested in drone-based monitoring for transparent project communication. The focus lies in getting an overview and practical step-by-step guidance on planning and executing your mapping missions with a drone. The workshop addresses novice to intermediate drone users.

What’s in this workshop?

  1. Introduction to Drone Technology (sizes, scale, types, costs, & more)
  2. Drone Capabilities & Limitations
  3. Your Options for Collecting & Sharing Data
  4. Practical Challenges & Typical Mistakes
  5. Start-to-Finish Drone Guide
  6. Insights Into Our Partners’ Evolving Drone Journeys

About the speakers

Meet our Presenter Dr. Patrick Ribeiro

CEO and Drone Expert @ OpenForests

Patrick is co-founder and CEO of OpenForests. He has been responsible for the development of drone-based forestry and conservation applications, as well as the execution of mapping missions for 10 years in countries such as Germany, Portugal, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, and Indonesia. He is currently responsible for the development of the explorer.land, where drone imagery plays an important role.

Meet our Moderator Ross Bernet

Forestry and Monitoring Specialist @ One Tree Planted

Ross Bernet is the Forestry and Monitoring Specialist at One Tree Planted. He got his start in restoration ecology in 2011 when he was the program manager for a Haitian agroforestry NGO. Since then he received his Masters degree in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies. He is passionate about the intersection of Nature and Technology.