It is now possible to download Sites’ geo-data from

Many of’s users have been using the platform as their main tool to create and update the project’s geographical data. However, until now, it was not possible to export that data, a prerequisite to use it in third-party applications.

With this new feature, users are now able to download points and polygons of Sites and employ them in other GIS software, such as QGIS or ArcGIS, or just share with partners.

There are three download possibilities, allowing the selection of individual, all or just a group of Sites. The data is delivered in two geojson files, one containing the points, the other the polygons. The geojson format is compatible with all popular GIS solutions. In addition, the majority of the Site fields are delivered within the attribute table of the geojson.

In the following video, we introduce and demonstrate this functionality.

More information about this feature is available in’s HelpDesk documentation.