This project is part of the project stage at NOAH Zurich (6-7th Dec) that aims to facilitate investments & funding towards impactful restoration and conservation projects.

Investment need: $52.6 million (10 years)
Restoration potential: 1 million hectares
Social impact: > 400 members to date


Since 2014, AlVelAl (Commonland’s landscape partner) have been using the 4 Returns Framework to bring together local farmers, conservationists, government, and entrepreneurs to create a common vision for the Altiplano, a semi-arid steppe in South-Eastern Spain. Currently, AlVelAl has more than 400 members and three regenerative businesses in operation.

If we want to keep farming into the future, it needs to be done regeneratively. Every year we grow more and better: what we’re doing is the future of agriculture.

Maikel Lara, local farmer within the AlVelAl territory

AlVelAl is building a movement to change the perspective of rural life in the region. By combining cultural and natural heritage, farmers working with AlVelAl are developing traditional techniques to create a regenerative future for the territory. Alongside facilitating regenerative farming and developing 4 Returns businesses, AlVelAl is also actively restoring natural zones and creating biodiversity hotspots on farms.

Speaker: Tom Lovett

Stories and Platform Developer, Commonland

Tom Lovett works at Commonland to bring the challenge of large-scale landscape restoration to life through storytelling. Collaborating with AlVelAl, Tom promotes as a tool to advance the restoration of the Altiplano. Tom will be representing AlVelAl through his role at Commonland.

Investments for scaling up

One million hectares of land can be potentially restored through regenerative businesses in the region. AlVelAl has mapped out clear objectives for the next 4-50 years based on the zoning approach of the 4 Returns framework.

Natural Zone: by 2026, restore 1,300 ha in private and public lands; by 2050, restore 25,000 ha of natural corridors to connect natural parks.
Combined Zone: by 2026, reach 20,000 ha of agricultural land under regenerative management; by 2050, reach at least 60,000 ha under regenerative management.
Economic Zone: by 2026, create nine 4 Returns businesses (three are currently in operation); by 2050, create 50 4 Returns businesses, while supporting the transition of 600 existing businesses.

By 2034, the aim is to create a regenerative landscape where nature and agriculture are in balance with the people who live and work there. The funding requirement is €3.7m for these activities until 2026. Investment into the Altiplano will help transform this landscape into a thriving ecosystem for people, communities, nature and business – for now, and generations to come.

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