Over the past weeks, we have built thematic layers into explorer.land. Any relevant global data layer can now be integrated and be presented within your project map. We are adding layers in the categories of forest change, land cover, climate, and biodiversity. This includes thematic data layers such as tree cover loss and gain, land cover, soil carbon density, and priority ecoregions.

We are constantly adding more layers!

We’re in a crisis of trust… In this day and age you create trust through transparency, not necessarily through social media and colorful marketing materials.

Alexander Watson, CEO & Co-Founder OpenForests

The following video shows how easy and intuitive it is for any visitor of explorer.land to add, remove, and order the data layers. For each layer, you can determine the opacity, allowing you to see the high-resolution base layer.

Watch the video for an introduction to Thematic Layers

This is another step towards more transparency. Every organization can provide more information about the project context and its impact. Test out the new thematic layers on explorer.land or sign up to become a user.