The advancements in satellite-based timelines by signify a crucial step forward in increasing transparency within the nature-based solution space. By providing a clear, detailed view of project impacts over time, these timelines not only bolster trust among funders and supporters but also enhance the capability of initiatives to showcase their significant contributions to global environmental goals. As we move forward, the adoption of such technologies will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the success and scalability of nature-based solutions worldwide.

In the realm of nature-based solutions, transparency is not just a buzzword—it’s a fundamental requirement for building trust and facilitating meaningful impacts. The recent advancements introduced by in their timeline feature represent a significant leap forward in how initiatives can communicate their achievements and the tangible benefits of their efforts. Here’s a deeper dive into how these enhancements contribute to increased trust through transparency in the Nature-based Solution space.

The Evolution of Transparency through Satellite Timelines

Satellite-Based Timelines: A New Era of Clarity and Accountability

The integration of high-resolution satellite data from NICFI – Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative and Esri Wayback into’s timeline feature marks a new era of documenting impact transparently. With resolutions as precise as 5 meters for NICFI satellite data focusing on tropical forest areas and up to 30 cm for Esri Wayback data covering global landscapes, the level of detail is available without excuse.

Seeing the What, Where, and When of Impact

This satellite-based timeline with its ‘time stamps’ enables environmental projects to document their conservation and restoration with unparalleled spatial and temporal clarity. Stakeholders can see the “what, where, and when” of project impacts. All kinds of environmental initiatives can now use these timelines as part of their subscription to enhance and communicate impact more transparently.

Benefits of Enhanced Transparency

Building Trust with Funders and Supporters

The ability to clearly demonstrate project outcomes is crucial for securing funding and support. The enhanced transparency provided by satellite-based timelines helps create the necessary trust and confidence that funders and investors seek. This trust is essential for scaling up nature-based solutions, which are pivotal in addressing global environmental challenges.

Empowering Nature-Based Initiatives

The detailed visibility into the progress and impacts of conservation and restoration efforts empowers projects to better articulate their value and effectiveness. This is particularly relevant for initiatives aiming to communicate their achievements to a broader audience, including potential supporters and the general public.

Facilitating Better Decision-Making

Access to detailed temporal and spatial data allows for more informed decision-making for the project developers but also for the funder and the general public. Whether it’s adjusting strategies, identifying areas of improvement, or scaling successful practices, the insights provided by satellite timelines are invaluable.

How to Get Involved is inviting nature-based projects to register and leverage this advanced timeline feature to enhance their transparency. Moreover, businesses, investors, and purpose-driven organizations looking for transparent nature-based projects to support can find numerous opportunities through the platform. This initiative opens up new pathways for collaboration and support in the conservation and restoration communities, driving forward the collective goal of sustainable environmental stewardship.