To help co-create the global regenerative community that we believe in, we wanted to build a ‘Heimat’ for the relationships that would sustain it. The word ‘Heimat’ refers to a place or feeling of belonging, attachment, and connectedness. is that Heimat. The Heimat of relationships based on trust, cooperation, and reciprocity. The relationships that drive restoration and conservation for the flourishing of both people and nature.

Within, these relationships form with facts and stories; we connect with the mind and the heart. The purpose and impact of restoration and conservation projects are shared transparently. We hear the voices of the people planting or nurturing every tree. We see their faces and know their stories. We are immersed in the exact place where change is happening and we connect emotionally to it.

Technological innovation and reliability make this possible. It is technology at the service of people and nature. Forest restoration and conservation projects have a tool to manage their data, communicate their impact openly, immerse stakeholders in the place of the project, and build networks of supporters. Investors and businesses who want to support regenerative projects and forest stewards have a way to find them and truly connect with them. They too can then share their own impact stories through the platform and encourage others to do the same. The community will grow.

As OpenForests, we want to nurture these relationships and help every forest and conservation project get that crucial nutrient and attention that they might need to grow or to continue thriving. Join us at