It is not unusual for projects to have hundreds if not even thousands of sites. Handling such huge amounts of Sites efficiently is crucial!

To allow users to carry out mass actions with more than one Site, we have introduced the Batch Operations functionality.

In a nutshell, this feature provides a Batch Operations Mode which allows users to select several Sites at once and carry out one of the following operations:
– Editing the header image,
– Editing the categories (adding, replacing and deleting),
– Publishing and unpublishing, and
– Deleting Sites.

The new Batch Operations Mode allows users to select several Sites ②, carry out batch operations like editing the header image, setting the categories, (un-)publishing or deleting Sites ③. The mode can be exited at any time using the END BATCH MODE button on the top of the list ① .

For users

Learn more about how to use this feature on our help desk.