Our new and customizable call-to-action (CTA) button is live for projects and initiatives to use on explorer.land

Call to action button for explorer.land

Call-to-action is exactly this – a call to engage in some action. It leads users and stakeholders towards an action such as donating, signing up to a newsletter, signing a petition, or volunteering. CTA buttons make such calls stand out, giving supporters an immediate way to get more involved with your organization

Check out how the Ruwenzori Sculpture Foundation is already using it on their explorer.land profile to nudge users into contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, while Go Forest uses it on their CV La Joya Reforestation project presentation to involve businesses and individuals in tree planting. 

The CTA button on explorer.land is fully customizable. You can select the color, icon, and short text, or write your own words. CTA buttons are most effective when they are well-designed, stand out to catch the eye, and use specific but urgent actionable language. 

Make the most out of your CTA button by: 

  • Choosing a color and icon that stand out but without being misaligned with the engagement that you want to drive.
  • Be straightforward and brief with the short text. Communicate clearly what the user can expect when they click on the button.
  • Don’t be afraid to use urgent, actionable language with strong verbs. Weak verbs don’t motivate users to get involved. 

In a nutshell: be visible, be brief but clear, be urgent!