Show your project presentation and maps on any mobile device.

There are many ways to communicate your forest or conservation project to your stakeholders and community. You can travel to project locations, network at conferences, or communicate via different media.

With you just have to use one tool for consolidating and managing your project data, and sharing your project story. You can display every story element (e.g. news & photos) on top of interactive, high-resolution maps, and make your impact visible.

One tool to consolidate your data and share your project story.

With the new mobile version of you can present your project story on any device: on big screens at conferences and exhibitions, on desktop computers and tablets during a video call, or simply, on your smartphone when you are on-the-go. The only thing you need is a web browser and internet connection.

It has been a technical, as well as UX design challenge, to bring a smooth user experience of interactive map-based project presentations to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But we did it!

In this regard, I want to thank the developer team for their diligence, creativity, and patience. For achieving this outstanding result.

While nothing can substitute a real visit to a project location, we believe that we can create a living digital link between forest projects and the people who support them. Our goal is to build a user-friendly, map-based, communication tool for diverse forest landscape projects that put nature and people first.

The feedback of our early users and clients has made us more confident that we are moving in the right direction. This is one feedback:

I really love the mobile UI! The icon on the bottom right to toggle is very intuitive and the transition is nicely done. I know that challenge from Terrastories, and I think you’ve done an excellent job approaching it. I played around with the page and map, and as before, experienced that everything is as intuitive as I expect it to be. Really great stuff!

Rudo Kemper, Manager, Mapping & Programs Support at Amazon Conservation Team

Preview of the mobile version

The following video shows how the mobile version works. We recommend to use a recent Google Chrome browser for best performance.

Try it out yourself. Explore, for example, the incredible Food Forest Program on your smartphone or tablet by clicking on this link