In summary, is a versatile and powerful tool for anyone looking to present, communicate, and connect nature-based projects with stakeholders and funders. Its focus on data-driven transparency, storytelling, and user-friendly design makes it a valuable resource for a wide range of environmental initiatives. links news posts, photos, and videos to their geographical context by displaying them on top of interactive, high-resolution maps. Data layers and high-resolution satellite time series make the impact becomes visible over time and space.

Do not tell a story about your project. Tell a story through your project.

Learn what can do for you is an innovative, map-based online platform designed for showcasing and communicating the impact of nature-based projects. This platform allows users to present their project locations in a visually engaging way, making use of high-resolution maps and various global data sets to illustrate the project’s impact over time and across different regions.

Key features

The platform’s key features include the ability to integrate high-resolution satellite and drone data, enabling users to monitor progress and impact in space and time. Users can create maps without needing programming skills, drawing or uploading project locations, and posting geolocated news. This makes the platform accessible to a wide range of users, from project managers to environmental activists.


One of the significant advantages of is its capacity for storytelling. By combining narrative elements with geographical data, the platform enables users to tell their project stories more transparently and engagingly. This approach not only enhances stakeholder engagement but also improves the visibility of projects to potential collaborators, investors, donors, and product buyers.

Project search engine

Moreover, acts as a global search engine for high-quality and transparent forest restoration project developers. Projects can be searched based on various criteria such as project type, country, organization name, goods, and available forest products. This feature facilitates the connection between like-minded organizations and stakeholders worldwide, fostering a community focused on sustainable forestry and landscape projects.

Transparency and trust

The platform is not just a tool for visualizing data; it is also a medium for creating trust and transparency in an era where these qualities are increasingly valued. helps projects to become visible and verifiable, thereby establishing a foundation for trustworthy relationships with various stakeholders.