WWF has launched Forests Forward, a multi-stakeholder performance-driven impact program using explorer.land as their presentation and transparency tool.

The goal of the program is to mobilize people, catalyzing actions to address global forest threats and to ensure that the world’s growing demand for wood can be met through sustainable forest management, including a new generation of well-managed plantations.

A large group of various stakeholders, such as companies, organizations, communities, and groups of all shapes and sizes (Participants) undertake a wide range of actions that fall under

  • Improving Forest & Plantations Management
  • Market Shift – Responsible Sourcing
  • Forest-Based Interventions and Investments

Despite the many different types of stakeholders and multiple action areas, it revealed possible to bring all together on one map. Based on the Forests Forward case, the following links, and screen-shots show how explorer.land can be used as a map-based presentation tool.

Umbrella landing page

The Forests Forward explorer.land umbrella landing page provides a quick introduction and write-up of the purpose and scope of the initiative: Who is doing what, where, and when?

Overview landing page of the Forests Forward initiative


Organizations that participate in a program are listed in a scrollable tab. Clicking on an organization will open the Organization profile.

Check out the Forests Forward participants.

The Organization page provides details about the organization’s engagement and the geolocations (Projects) of the program’s impact areas.

Check out an example of an organization presentation page.

Custom dashboard

Additional data is presented via an explorer.land dashboard plugin that synchronizes data from the Forests Forward database.

Explore an example organization dashboard.


Projects have geo-locations that show the area that is impacted by the respective organization and program.

Explore an example project.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about the possibilities of how to use explorer.land to present your initiative.