Connect with funders and increase geo-transparency

Are you involved in a nature restoration or conservation project? Then apply for the 2023 global call for projects via! There are no participation fees for project developers and submitting your project with our simple form is easy and quick.


Recording: KICK-OFF WEBINAR: Call for nature-based projects campaign


  • For all nature-based project types and sizes.
  • Connect with suitable funders and investors.
  • Simple and hassle-free process.
  • Each project gets its own interactive map for geo-transparency and storytelling.
  • Digital and in-person events.
  • End date: 31.12.2023

What to expect

Your project will gain broad visibility and geo-transparency and we will help connect it to the right funders/ investors, such as:

  • carbon credit-based funding,
  • ecosystem services investments,
  • CSR funding, and
  • corporate sponsorships.

Your project will be featured in a structured, dynamic database and interactive map, designed following the criteria funders and investors use to sort projects.

Milestones for projects

The 2023 call for projects will run until the end of the year with applications on a rolling basis, with the database delivered to selected investors throughout. Along the way, there will be several promotional events with our network partners. The campaign culminates in a project exhibition and workshop bringing selected projects and investors together at the 2023 NOAH Zurich Conference

How to apply

There are two simple steps:

1. Register on if you have not done so yet. Your profile is part of the information needed for submitting your project. In addition to applying for the call, you will get a beautiful project profile on This will enhance your project’s geo-transparency and communicate your story in an engaging way. 

2. Submit your project’s funding needs. We invite all kinds of nature-based projects to apply, without any restrictions on project type, size, or financing needs. If you have multiple funding requests, you can submit each one individually. To indicate your project’s financial needs, please complete the form provided below. 

Why are we doing this?

Our planet needs more nature conservation. More nature restoration too. Nobody can argue with that. For this to happen, more investments and more funding are necessary. Project developers and project funders need to come together.

But those who fund nature work and those who develop projects spend a lot of time looking for each other; many never find what they are looking for. It is a little bit like going on blind dates to find your perfect partner. And there are a lot of unknowns involved with regard to what each partner wants.

To cut the time needed – and the uncertainties – in this process of coming together, we are happy and humbled to announce the 2023 call for projects together with supporting partners.

What are we hoping to achieve?

An engaging and structured way for different nature-based projects and different funders/ investors to come together. And we are starting with the project side.

In the past, the problem was a different one. The supply of quality nature-based projects was not enough to match the demand of funders and investors. Luckily, the supply has now grown, but many projects do not know the requirements and processes of funders and investors. The same is true on the other side. Actors who want to support nature-based projects, source carbon credits of high integrity, or invest in nature, struggle to find initiatives that match their criteria. With the 2023 call for projects, we are hoping to facilitate this process in a way that works for both sides.


The partnership is still evolving. Partners contribute through direct investment, advice, and connecting projects to their network of funders. Stay tuned for updates on new supporters and further developments. 

NOAH Conference is a digital and physical collaboration platform for all stakeholder groups aiming to bring sustainable and measurable impact to the world. The hybrid event on the 13 – 14th of December in Zurich will connect smart capital with the most exciting startups, impact-driven organizations, and projects.

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is the world’s largest knowledge-led platform on sustainable and inclusive landscapes. With science and traditional and local community knowledge at its core, the GLF is designed to spark multi-stakeholder dialogue, share knowledge, inspire action and accelerate best practices in addressing some of the most complex problems facing our Earth and our communities.

Future Forest Initiative is Europe’s first sustainable innovation hub for forest and climate. Its mission is to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity by enabling innovative, green solutions and promoting the growth of eco-friendly startups. Core pillars include the Future Forest Institute, the Startup Accelerator, the annual Future Forest Forum, and the Forest & Climate Innovation Fund.

Callirius is the regenerative marketplace where nature becomes an asset class. Its mission is to bring private capital directly to effective climate impact through a digital marketplace giving climate solutions access to new funding sources and enterprises & investors access to high-quality nature-based solutions. Quality and impact are defined based on a scalable, data-driven, science-backed, and regulated framework. The Callirius Quality Engine and Due Diligence identify the overall positive impact on climate, nature, and society.

EnverX is a blockchain based fintech solution that provides project developers and corporate investors access to multi-commodity financing, trading, and escrow management. EnverX’s primary mission is to foster trust and transparency in the financial ecosystem through their robust escrow management via the financial monitoring, reporting & verification, enabling secure and reliable transactions across diverse industries and commodities.

Earthshot Labs is a pioneering platform that facilitates the development and financing of global ecological restoration and conservation initiatives while ensuring equitable local community outcomes. The platform streamlines the due diligence and design process for projects, links investors to quality forest projects and helps premium carbon-financed projects secure upfront funding for execution and certification. With it’s advanced technology and expertise, Earthshot optimizes the carbon development process, builds robust ecological and financial models, and assures compliance with international carbon rights regulations.

The Global Rewilding Alliance, an official implementation partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, is a growing network of more than 130 practitioner and messenger organizations with a common mission to rewild the Earth and stabilize the climate. Alliance members are working to rewild more than 100 million hectares of land and sea in more than 70 countries.

WeForest is a well-known environmental non-profit organization focused on driving scalable and sustainable reforestation efforts worldwide. By creating transformational nature-based projects, it fosters biodiversity, fights climate change, and supports local communities. WeForest collaborates with corporate partners, connecting their resources and sustainability goals to these impactful projects.

The Nature Data Alliance is a Swiss-based, not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals collaborating through a digital platform to effect positive change in global financial markets, local rural communities, and all types of landowners. Its core purpose is to protect biodiversity, manage land degradation and forest sustainability, and mitigate climate change by connecting nature-based projects with innovative nature-tech solutions, scientific expertise, and corporates from its member network. The alliance encourages collaboration to develop integrated products and services, promote member offerings, and make introductions to relevant stakeholders, aiming to manage more nature hectares and empower more local and indigenous communities.

NICFI Satellite Data Program is a public funded initiative from Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative (NICFI) that provides access to high-resolution, visual, and analysis-ready satellite data to support monitoring, verification, and reporting activities across the world’s tropical forests. The NICFI Satellite Data Program led by KSAT with partners Planet and Airbus, makes monthly mosaics, generated from Planetscope 5m spatial resolution imagery available to anyone working to reduce and reverse the loss of tropical forests, combat climate change, conserve biodiversity, and facilitate sustainable development for non-commercial uses