In the face of the escalating climate and biodiversity crises, collaboration has never been more urgent. The Nature Pavilion will serve as an interactive hub for nature-based projects, businesses, nature tech, and responsible investors. Conceived as a symbiosis of organizations, it will highlight different aspects of climate and biodiversity action through interactive exhibitions and events.

Nature Pavilion line-up

Meet our incredible line-up of exhibitors from the nature-based solutions space: projects, technology, and data providers, businesses, and finance organizations. Stay tuned as we will be announcing exhibitors each week.

Here’s what to expect from the 2023 Nature Pavilion:

  • Diverse range of participants. The Nature Pavilion will bring together experts from various fields, including conservationists, technology innovators, sustainability champions, business leaders, nature-based project developers, and responsible investors.
  • Showcasing nature-based projects. One of the highlights of the event will be the showcasing of nature-based projects, and especially the applicants to the 2023 Global Call for Nature-based Projects. These projects include conservation and restoration initiatives, forest carbon projects, regenerative agriculture initiatives and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about successful case studies and gain insights into the strategies and technologies driving these projects, with a special focus on transparency.

  • Displaying nature tech. Innovative nature tech companies will display their approaches and technology. From remote sensing to bioacoustics and due diligence, the Nature Pavilion will demonstrate the transformative potential of technology for enhancing transparency and collaboration in the nature-based solutions realm.

Exhibitor spotlight: are an innovative ecosystem health diagnostics and monitoring company. Their holistic approach integrates remote sensing, in situ sensors (bioacoustics and trail cameras), and self-learning artificial intelligence.

  • Presenting nature-based solutions funds and marketplaces. Organizations involved in generating funds for, or channeling funds to, nature-based solutions will share insights on what is needed to scale nature finance and how to do it.

Exhibitor spotlight: Callirius is the regenerative marketplace where nature becomes an asset class. Its mission is to bring private capital directly to effective climate impact through a digital marketplace giving climate solutions access to new funding sources and enterprises & investors access to high-quality nature-based solutions.

  • The business case for nature. The Nature Pavilion recognizes the critical role that businesses play in advancing nature-based solutions. Various businesses that support conservation and restoration projects will be in attendance, sharing insights into how their organizations are aligning with sustainability goals.

Exhibitor spotlight: 12Tree fosters sustainable supply chain transformation by linking investors with promising nature-based solutions. With expertise in regenerative agriculture, smallholder engagement, decarbonization, sustainable water sourcing, and renewable energy, 12Tree delivers investment returns with positive environmental and social outcomes.

  • Presence of investors. By providing critical funding for actors advancing nature-based solutions, investors play a catalytic role in scaling positive impact. The NOAH Conference Zurich is one of the most important yearly events gathering a diverse range of responsible investors. Investors bring not only capital but also valuable expertise and business acumen, and will be able to provide feedback and strategic guidance. On the other hand, investors will have the chance to meet organizations, initiatives, and businesses at the forefront of conservation and restoration.

  • Interactivity, networking and collaboration. The Nature Pavilion will not be a curated, passive exhibition; it will actively encourage cross-pollination of ideas and partnerships that can drive meaningful impact. Exhibitors will be engaging with each other and with visitors beyond the traditional conference format. Shared spaces or “collaboration zones” will allow different stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and explore synergies between their approaches, projects, and technologies. Visitors will also be active participants; they will have the chance to engage with exhibitors through hands-on demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and interactive displays.

The Nature Pavilion 2023 is more than just an event; it’s a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration and innovation. By embracing an interactive exhibition format, it fosters an environment where ideas flow, partnerships are forged, and solutions are created. In December 2023, this event will not only inspire action but actively facilitate it, bringing us closer to a more regenerative world.