About & Why Attend?

Join us to discover how to effectively invest in or sponsor environmental projects, minimizing reputational risks and enhancing brand awareness. This webinar is designed for CSR and sustainability officers committed to support low-risk, high-impact nature-based projects.

It presents a crucial opportunity for corporations looking to align their sustainability efforts with transparent, technology-driven approaches. Learn how to enhance your brand’s reputation by contributing actively supporting high-integrity environmental projects.


Jessica Chalmers, Director of Partnerships and Communications, WeForest

Jessica leads WeForest’s corporate partnerships for reforestation with a diverse range of businesses including Nike, Shopify, L’Occitane, The Sandbox, and many more. With previous experience in designing and supporting responsible sourcing programmes in international supply chains with multinational organisations, she brings together corporate and field experience to support businesses turn biodiversity and climate commitments into action.

Alexander Watson CEO & Co-founder, OpenForests

Alexander Watson is the Co-Founder and CEO of OpenForests’ explorer.land and has a background in social banking and forestry. Besides writing blog articles and recording podcasts about sustainable forest landscape management, for more than 13 years Alexander has supported with his multi-disciplinary team at OpenForests the implementation of reforestation and conservation projects with a positive social and ecological impact. OpenForests in providing information services and software tools for forest landscape projects and resource management. With explorer.land their latest map-based communication and story-telling platform they support projects to consolidate their content and share their story by displaying elements such as news, photos, or videos on top of interactive, high-resolution maps. The goal is to show and share project impacts in a transparent way to create trust with stakeholders and supporters.

Leveraging Technology for Sustainability

We will delve into WeForests’ reforestation projects and how OpenForests via explorer.land supports transparency. The session will highlight the use of remote sensing and data analytics to demonstrate the tangible impacts of environmental initiatives. Be inspired by powerful stories of community involvement, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem restoration, all showcasing the pivotal role of technology in advancing environmental conservation.

The following map shows the portfolio of environmental projects that will be presented and discussed during the webinar.

Have Impact and Build Trust

Our discussion will focus on how companies can support environmental projects and leverage these efforts to bolster their reputation and brand. Learn strategies for highlighting these initiatives in your corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and effectively communicating them to your employees and customers. This webinar aims to clarify your environmental commitments and foster trust.

Interactive Case Studies and Stories

Through engaging case studies, we will illustrate how projects are managed on the ground, including the tracking of KPIs through on-the-ground monitoring or the use of remote sensing and satellite data. Additionally, we’ll cover how corporates can engage with and sponsor environmental restoration activities.

Join us to redefine your environmental strategy, making your sustainability efforts visible and impactful. For more details, visit the WeForest Blog and discover how OpenForests’ explorer.land is revolutionizing the transparency of projects.