Nauki – Responsible Sourcing partners with OpenForests and adopts as the main communication tool to support partners and clients in the sector of sustainable cosmetic and health food to showcase the commitment to responsible sourcing.

We believe healthy ingredients for cosmetics come from healthy ecosystems and thriving communities! That’s why we love high quality natural ingredients that benefit climate, ecosystems and livelihoods. Increasing supply chain resilience in the face of climate change and the scarcity of high quality resources is more than good business practice. Local producers of high-quality ingredients and companies committed to responsible sourcing of natural ingredients deserve their positive social, economic, and environmental impact to be shared.

by Nauki

OpenForests’ platform will help setting a new level of transparency and hence trust between suppliers and buyers of natural ingredients for cosmetics.

About Nauki

Founded on the principles of sustainable development, Nauki – Responsible Sourcing works with both cosmetic companies and natural ingredient producers to identify opportunities to strengthen supply chains, foster synergies and cooperation, and source quality premium ingredients. With their tailor-made sustainable sourcing project stories on the platform, Nauki supports its clients to showcase their commitment to responsible sourcing.

Learn more about this cooperation in Nauki’s own press release.