Callirius meant “king of the woods” in Roman Britain. Today, for Callirius, impact and transparency are king.

Callirius has built a regenerative Marketplace channeling private capital directly towards impactful carbon projects. Enterprises and investors get access to high-quality projects, which have gone through a robust due diligence process. This minimizes risk and maximizes the positive impact on climate, nature and society.

Callirius is also building a fund solution for early-stage financing of nature-based carbon removal projects. With this fund, Callirius aims to tackle the main roadblock for scaling nature restoration, which is lack of early-stage financing. At the same time, the fund is providing enterprises and investors with investment risk mitigation, diversification, and long-term opportunities.

Watch our interview with David Steinmetz, the Callirius nature-based solutions expert, where he explains the what, why, and how of Callirius.

We are proud to partner strategically with Callirius in enabling their customers to access monitoring data for all Marketplace projects. The Callirius team uses to track project performance, build stakeholder confidence, and enhance accountability. More specifically, they:

  • Present projects with geo-located content;
  • Show the specific context and impact of projects within a landscape;
  • Indicate which organizations are involved in which projects;
  • Display specific high-resolution digital Measuring, Reporting & Verification (dMRV) data (e.g., drone & satellite imagery);
  • Use thematic data layers (e.g., global land cover data);
  • Analyze forest cover loss;
  • Disclose monthly satellite-based timelines;
  • Track project development over time.

Callirius are also one of our main partners in the Global Call for Nature-based Projects.

If you are involved in a nature-based carbon project looking for funding, apply here.

If you are an enterprise looking to finance nature-based carbon projects, sign up for the Callirius Marketplace here.